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Free Paper

YAMATO STUDIO presents "Free Paper" is a ZINE inspired by my grandfather. I'm taking over his sprits "Three Free Rules"

1: Participate for free,

2: Get free copies! YAMATO STUDIO provide zine 

3: Give out for free! It's free paper! 

Each edition has different categories but we gather professionals in the field.

Makoto Yamato

My grandfather, conductor, composer, and owner of a school of piano and violin. He had a small music hall in Tokyo. He opened the space every Saturday morning for everyone who loves music, art and people who are curious. He welcomed all kind of professionals and let them use his space. and people join for free both teachers and students.  That's his rules.

3タダ主義。Three Free Rules.

He named the community "Collage of Everything". 

It has opened October 7th 1979, and still running by people

Vol.1 Street Art

Artist list:

​@rat/ @Giulia/ @Bulimey/ @Miki


Vol.2 rally

rally is a group of DJ based in NYC . This edition is about their first event in Bushwik 6/15/2024

スクリーンショット 2024-06-07 9.56.47.png

Vol.3 UP MUG

Collaboration with UP magazine.
We archived their event at B in July 



Collection of Asian Artis based in NYC

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